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  1. Background

At the Kabul Conference in 2010, the Government set out its policy agenda for strengthening its ability to: influence the Budget in driving effective delivery of key priority outcomes; improve budget execution; and, increase accountability and transparency.

Amongst other factors, weaknesses in financial performance against financial plans and delays in procurement were cited as impediments to effective budget execution.

  1. What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is a means of assigning portions of an approved budget and tracking commitments, obligations and payments, on behalf of a budgetary unit and for the purpose of monitoring expenditure progress in the fiscal year on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

A Financial Plan:

  • contains a detailed breakdown of approved budgets by program, budgetary unit, fund component and geographic location, broken out by month and fiscal year; and,
  • reflects the priorities of the Government and line ministries.
  1. Objectives

Following the rollout of the Financial Plan in 1387, the Ministry of Finance has now introduced a number of additional steps to effectively integrate administrative processes into the financial planning element of the public financial management system.  In general, these guidelines have been developed to:

  • assist in financial planning processes;
  • ensure that line ministry plans are aligned with budget appropriations and priorities;
  • coordinate administrative action with financial management and accountability implementation requirements; and,
  • promote closer coordination of the financial planning process with the procurement process in order to maintain effective aggregate budget controls.

More specifically, the financial planning guidelines are intended to assist budgetary units in:

  • completing the template (attached at Annex (FP-1) and Annex 2 (FP-2)); and,
  • promoting an orderly commitment and expenditure process is in place to avoid spending arrears; and, assisting line ministry in coordinating spending plans with cash availability and funds, allocated to provinces, are within budget approvals

Supporting Document ;

Pilot financila planning ;

  1. Pilot Financila Planning Workshop download Dari
  2. Pilot Financila Planning Guide Line download Dari
  3. Pilot Financila Planning Forms download Dari

non Pilot Financial Planning

  1. Non-Pilot Financila Planning Guide Line  download Dari
  2. Non-Pilot Financila Planning Workshop download Dari
  3. Non-Pilot Financila Planning Forms download Dari