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The Development Cooperation Dialogue (DCD) is an annual review of Official Development Assistance (ODA) conducted by the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) with its Development Partners (DP). It was initiated in 1385 (2006-2007) under the name of Donor Financial Review (DFR) to provide a clear picture to the Afghan people, GoA and the international community of ODA flows into the country, and to move towards greater transparency and accountability in aid management.

The DCD is also a planning tool for GoA to forecast ODA flows and provide crucial data for the formulation of Medium Term Fiscal Framework (MTFF) and National Budget. As such, the DCD forms an integral part of the annual budget cycle and supports GoA’s goal to successfully implement the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). MoF documents the results of the DCD through DCD reports, which are published annually. The objectives of the DCD are:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of assistance through greater accountability and transparency
  • Assisting GoA in defining national spending priorities and aligning donor investment for formulation of National Budget;
  • Improving partnership between GoA and its DPs through improved coordination

The 2nd round of DCD started on 2 April 2012 and will continue until 7 May 2012.

The agenda of the DCD this year are:

  1. 1.Overview of Development Assistance
  1. a.Level and achievements of assistance in the year 2011
  2. b.Planned level and areas of investment in the year 2012
  1. 2.Policy Discussion on Future Engagement                                                                              
  1. a.Perspective on future engagement
  • Areas of investment
  • Division of Labor Policy
  • Supporting and alignment with National Priority Programs (NPPs)
  1. b.Funding Modalities (e.g. 50% on-budget)
  2. c.Long Term Development Framework Agreement
  3. d.Taking forward new aid policies
  1. 3.Other Donor-Specific Issues

The dialogues will finally result in publication of 2nd edition of the Development Cooperation Report (DCR).