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The MBAW Project has developed a Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy as well as a Monitoring and Evaluation framework aligned with the Project AWP for 2012. An integral part of the M&E strategy involves tracking the performance of the MBAW-support units in the MoF.   The MBAW Results Framework and the Results Frameworks of each of the MBAW supported units will identify the goals and targets to be achieved. The Monitoring and Reports Advisor will assess if the planned results for the units supported by MBAW are achieved and contribute to the attainment of the objectives of the project.   The essential components of the new M&E system for assessing progress towards MBAW project outcomes and contributions to impacts are:

  • Regularly scheduled monitoring: Monitoring of the activities implemented and results attained (as reflected in the Results Frameworks of the MBAW supported units) better informs program management and allows the project to make mid-course corrections and revisions if needed;
  • Periodic Audits:  Audits will ensure that prudence in expenditure and cost effectiveness of resources is achieved.  The audit aspect or cost effectiveness of resources used for progress achieved is not yet integral to the monitoring process. This element should be included in future monitoring plans.
  • Evaluation:  A Mid-term and an End of Project Evaluation to determine if outcomes (as per the Results Frameworks) have been achieved; and if these outcomes have contributed to the achievement of the MBAW project impacts. Evaluations will use a set of Key Success Factors (elaborated in the Annex).

Currently, continuous monitoring of implementation of the planned activities is undertaken by the MBAW Monitoring and Reporting Officer and reported by each relevant MoF units/departments. Analyses of the project’s progress towards results is being strengthened. MBAW ensures that reports are well aligned with the MBAWP Annual Work Plan.   In addition, the new M&E system incorporates  learning and steering functions. Lessons learned (such as, bottle necks/difficulties encountered and/or positive factors promoting faster progress than planned) from activities implementation of and variance analysis between planned and actual must are being reflected in the quarterly reports. Monitoring of risks and assumptions (already identified in the results frameworks of the units), as tools for variance analysis, is being undertaken. Measurement of performance of the project in capacity development not only at individual but organizational level in the form of institutionalization of governance processes, procedures and systems is being accorded the highest priority. To address this need, capacity development results and indicators have been identified for the MBAW project and the supported units in MoF.  Activities are planned to attain these results and progress is being consistently monitored.

Within the Annual Cycle

  • On a quarterly basis, a quality assessment records progress towards the completion of key results, based on quality criteria and methods captured in the Quality Management table below.
  • An Issue Log is  activated in Atlas and updated by the Project Manager to facilitate tracking and resolution of potential problems or requests for change.
  • Based on the initial risk analysis submitted (see annex 1), a risk log is activated in Atlas and regularly updated by reviewing the external environment that may affect the project implementation.
  • Based on the above information recorded in Atlas, a Project Progress Reports (PPR) is submitted by the Project Manager to the Project Board through Project Assurance, using the standard report format available in the Executive Snapshot.
  • A project Lesson-learned log is also activated and regularly updated to ensure on-going learning and adaptation within the organization, and to facilitate the preparation of the Lessons-learned Report at the end of the project
  • A Monitoring Schedule Plan is activated in Atlas and updated to track key management actions/events 


  • Annual Review Report: An Annual Review Report is prepared by the Project Manager and shared with the Project Board and the Outcome Board. As minimum requirement, the Annual Review Report consists of the Atlas standard format for the QPR covering the whole year with updated information for each above element of the QPR as well as a summary of results achieved against pre-defined annual targets at the output level.
  • Annual Project Review:  Based on the above report, an annual project review is conducted during the fourth quarter of the year or soon after, to assess the performance of the project and appraise the Annual Work Plan (AWP) for the following year. In the last year, this review will be a final assessment. This review is driven by the Project Board and may involve other stakeholders as required. It shall focus on the extent to which progress is being made towards outputs, and that these remain aligned to appropriate outcomes.

The MBAW activities will be monitored through the following:

  • Monthly, Quarterly Annual Progress Reports on achievement of output, Annual Project Report, Substantive or technical documents; Electronic Data Systems: SBPS, DAD, AFMIS

  • Continuous monitoring assessments i.e. questionnaire assessments, Feedback from technical staff

  • Meeting regularly with partners to assess progress towards results already stated in the M&E framework;

  • Identifying lessons or good practices and developing knowledge product.

Please click on the following link to access MBAWP’s 2012 Planning Matrix for Monitoring:


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