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Budget Execution Workshop For 1394 Fiscal Year

On January 10 and 11, 2015 the MoF’s General Directorate of Budget, with the support of DFID, conducted a two day workshop titled ‘1394 Budget Execution Workshop’ for the finance units’ representatives of line ministries and independent government directorates.
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During the course of the workshop the General Directorate of Budget presented the guidelines for budget execution, modifications made in the recently issued budget execution forms and the lessons learnt from previous years’ experiences.

 The MoF panel members highlighted the importance of budget planning process and stipulated that if the budget plans are made meticulously, with the due foresight given to the year-long needs of relevant institutions, the need for making modifications in budget allocations and sourcing of funding resources seldom arises.

During the Q&A sessions, at the end of each workshop day, the participants asked the MoF panel members for clarification of relevant issues and shared their concern about the budgetary cuts. The panel members elaborated the issues and provided their insight in resolving issues concerning the budgetary cuts.

1394 Budget Execution Workshop Report

 1394 Budget Guideline PDF Document Dari

1394 Budget Execution PowerPoint Dari

1394 Budget Forms

1394 Budget Check list Dari

Lesson Learnt Poerpoint Dari

Photo of Workshop