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What is the Citizens’ Guide?

This guide explains, in simple and easily understood language, the 1390 Budget Statement presented to Parliament by the Minister of Finance on 5 February 2011. The guide is designed to help the general public understand the budget by explaining what revenues the Government proposes to collect and how they will be spent for the 1390 fiscal year, running from 22 March 2011 to 21 March 2012.
This guide is being produced for the first time in Afghanistan, as part of the Government’s commitment to openness and transparency.

What is the National Budget?
The National Budget is a public account of how the Government proposes to collect and spend revenues over a one year period. As there are never sufficient funds to fulfil all requests and demands, the budget sets out expenditure priorities in accordance with Government priorities. The budget must be approved by Parliament before it can take effect. Essential features of the national
budget are:

  • At the beginning of each year, the Minister of Finance announces Government spending plans for the next year in the National Budget.
  • The budget describes how the Government proposes to raise money and how that money will be spent on the delivery of services.
  • The money is allocated to ministries and agencies, who determine the allocation of fundsbetween provinces and districts
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1393 Citizen's Budget has been published

A citizens’ budget is a simplified digest of the national budget produced in a format that makes it easy for all citizens to understand, to download document please visit below links.

1393 Citizen's Budget Dari 

1393 Citizen's Budget Pashto

1393 Citizen's Budget English

The  Citizens’ Budget for 1392 

A citizens’ budget is a simplified digest of the national budget produced in a format that makes it easy for all citizens to understand the main features of what the government has planned for the financial year. A citizens’ budget mentions in brief where the government is going to get its money and how it has arranged to spend it. for more detail download 

1392 Citizens Budget English

1392 Citizens Budget Dari 

1392 Citizens Budget Pashto


The Citizens Budget for 1391 fiscal year is availble now.